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  1. cbsabihon

    does his parents did’nt know how to guide this little boy how to do it in a safe condition

  2. cbsabihon

    hope you will first consider safety before doing anything else, hey where are you’re parents, it’s good to have a little boy doing this but first teach them first a safety measure when doing anything

  3. andyboothstudio

    Hello, can you let me know about the sales of the inks please, andrew@boothstudio.co.uk

  4. 1000984000

    Cao, please open your email box, I’m trying to speak with you, but without return.


  5. warothai kaewmit

    or any counter service . If the spare parts damaged where I can buy the items . How about the drum printer do you sell it separate from the printer ?
    Thank you

  6. warothai kaewmit

    Hello I follow you from youtube Thailand . Rightnow I’m in Thailand . I need a detail about machine, price , how to pay and how you send product to Thailand. I espescially need the printer and toner only. And what the paper it is . I need …some information about the paper how to order color and sell color . you have a counter service after purchase in Thailand ?

  7. tdzikenu1

    can you please provide more info including pricing? thanks

  8. pmnnewell

    where can we order?

  9. caoguihong

    1. covercoating is an option in our process, all the old systems are using this tech.
    2. print in normal way
    3. we have more than 100 different ceramic toners for different printers/ copiers , we have toners for standard ICC
    4. we have kept the record of world’s lowest price for the digital ceramic laser printing in the past 8 years

  10. VigierPatrice

    The kid is manipulating water next to the electrical plug!

  11. PrayForWales

    1. Do you use a coversheet to bind the inks before watersliding them off the transfer paper?
    2. Is the transfer applied upside down and so needs to be printed in a mirror-image?
    3. Most ceramic digital systems use the standard ceramic ICC profile to make sure that the colours in your image on the computer will look the same on the fired wares – what system do you use to be sure the printer selects the right toners for the finished fired result?
    4. Can I have costs of systems emailed ?


    Please send details of how to purchase toner to:




    I would like to know if I can print onto ceramic enamel.
    How do I purchase the toners?

    Do you have a web site to purchase from?

  14. caoguihong

    It’s colour laser printer, use ceramic toner powders, we have customers in more than 100 countries, shipping to Brazil need a few days.

  15. danielfnpires

    what printer model is this? hat type of ink it uses? can you ship it to brazil?

  16. caoguihong

    Unfortunately, the temperatures a home microwave is able to reach are far from enough to fire the transfers and make it permanent

  17. caoguihong

    The ceramic toners are dishwasher and microwave safe, fire to about 800
    oC, we direct face Australia customers.

  18. hitplaygadgets

    Can the transfer be heated in a home microwave?

  19. karendobbs

    are the ceramic toners dishwasher and microwave safe? what temp do they fire to?Do you have a supplier in Australia?

  20. caoguihong

    print in the Direct transfer paper don’t need covercoating, the ceramic
    toner can be properly kept for years , no problem for 800oC firing. The
    colours are the same beheaviors as the standar porcelain dinnerware
    colours, no problem for outdoor use or in dish washing machine.

  21. LTmumph

    So it’s printing onto waterslide & the printer is covercoating too? What is the stability of the inks (in oC estimate – is it 720oC – can it do 800oC+) & what is the thermal expansion of the colours? Are they unleaded? Can they be used on glass too? What is the EMR & detergent resistance of the fired colour on the product?


  22. caoguihong

    @BwayBMTSal for porcelain photo or building mural? Send us more details in email to info@dcphub.com

  23. caoguihong

    It can only print on paper and transfer for high firing. It can print any images ,2D or 3D

  24. BwayBMTSal

    Are there any individuals or companies that use your system and will do it for a fee? Is the process relatively fade resistant? I’d like to have several memorial photos transferred to tile for use at the cemetary. I already have the tiles cut to the size I want and the necessary JPG files.